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  • Sector: Consumer

  • Industry: Bakery

  • Transaction type: Buy & Build

  • Country: Germany

The Panarium (Latin for bread basket) Group currently consists of four leading regional bakery chains with over 200 branches, making it one of the ten largest companies in Germany.

The stores are located in both urban and rural locations as well as in the checkout area of supermarkets. The range extends from bread and pastries to snacks and drinks.

Panarium’s strategy is to invest in successful, regional quality bakers that have a strong brand, high product quality, a modern organization, long-term growth potential and sustainable above-average profitability.

The bakery market is highly stable across all phases of the economic cycle and has enjoyed robust growth for many years. Baked goods are a cultural asset and the German bakery trade, with its diversity and quality, is unique worldwide. Current consumer trends such as freshness, regionality and convenience are already core components of the bakery range. At the same time, the market remains highly fragmented and is subject to a long-term consolidation trend (partly due to a lack of company succession). Professionally managed, regional bakery chains benefit in this environment and record above-average growth in the long term.

“The companies in the group remain operationally independent and retain their special identity. At the same time, the group members pool their experience and expertise and support each other in order to successfully overcome current and future challenges (including the shortage of skilled workers and rising energy and raw material costs) together.” – Christoph Blanke, Partner at AUCTUS

The focus is on open exchange with one another (e.g. in purchasing, product range development or the training of specialists) as well as targeted cooperation in certain areas (e.g. digitalization).

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